I'm Răzvan — a designer, minimalist, and remote work advocate.

Hey, I'm Răzvan — an Interface Designer, based in Romania and a Community Advocate for Figma.

Design Work

Here’s some of my design work that I’m able to share publicly. Most of these shots can be found on my Dribbble account among many others.


As a designer, I always have to explain my decisions to the stakeholders or to the team. Wanting to be able to clearly articulate my decisions is what brought me into writing.


3 books that changed my life in 2020

This year I had a personal goal that of reading as many books as possible, but to be more specific than this I chosen 8 books for 2020. At the time of writing this article, I'm behind schedule with 1 book.


Figma plugin to help you run ideation workshops

Recently I discovered a really cool plugin for Figma called "Workshops". It will help you with post-its, dots for dot voting as well as commonly used prioritization frameworks like 2x2, 3x3 Matrix, Bullseye, or 3 Lines.

Side project

Remote Makers — An online magazine with interviews of people working remotely from all over the place.


Get in touch, say hi

Get in touch, say hi



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