Kubyo is a one-of-a-kind app that allows users to share exclusive offers with their followers and friends while generating income on a performance basis.

This solution is the first to simplify peer-to-peer referral capabilities, which connects advertisers with highly engaged, long-term, and hyper-targeted consumers.

Role: Principal UI/UX Designer

Timeline: Mar — Oct 2020

Team: 1 Designer, 2 Project Managers, 3 iOS Developers, 1 QA Engineer


The Problem

The Solution

The main problem today is that big clients/advertisers set up contracts with marketing agencies, vetted affiliate networks or vetted influencers with very large audiences. These agencies and influencers need to be in the “system” to be able to have access to these advertising contracts.

Kubyo app aims to solve this problem by developing a platform for “regular” influencers to gain access to these advertising deals that are already there and have the opportunity to perform advertising services for them in a crowdsourced manner. Advertisers are only interested in the results, which are the end sales that they make on their products/services.

Moreover, Kubyo platform will also aim to crowdsource the catalogue of deals and offers. This way, small advertisers, which cannot normally afford contracts with big influencers or marketing agencies, can also take advantage of this affiliate network.

They can create their offer in the Kubyo platform and set a specific budget for it, bigger or smaller, then have the affiliate network further promote them. In a way like a Craigslist for ads, anyone can post, anyone can buy (in this case share deals).