Kubyo is a one-of-a-kind app that allows users to share exclusive offers with their followers and friends while generating income on a performance basis.

This solution is the first to simplify peer-to-peer referral capabilities, which connects advertisers with highly engaged, long-term, and hyper-targeted consumers.

Role: Principal UI/UX Designer

Timeline: Mar — Oct 2020

Team: 1 Designer, 2 Project Managers, 3 iOS Developers, 1 QA Engineer

The Problem

The Solution

The main problem today is that big clients/advertisers set up contracts with marketing agencies, vetted affiliate networks or vetted influencers with very large audiences. These agencies and influencers need to be in the “system” to be able to have access to these advertising contracts.

Kubyo app aims to solve this problem by developing a platform for “regular” influencers to gain access to these advertising deals that are already there and have the opportunity to perform advertising services for them in a crowdsourced manner. Advertisers are only interested in the results, which are the end sales that they make on their products/services.

Moreover, Kubyo platform will also aim to crowdsource the catalog of deals and offers. This way, small advertisers, which cannot normally afford contracts with big influencers or marketing agencies, can also take advantage of this affiliate network.

They can create their offer in the Kubyo platform and set a specific budget for it, bigger or smaller, then have the affiliate network further promote them. In a way like a Craigslist for ads, anyone can post, anyone can buy (in this case share deals).


Discover screen which is the screen where users land for the first time, followed by Offer Details screen for every offer within the app where a user can share it and add to store and see details like description, brand and category, earnings breakdown if was previously shared, publish date, budget spent and others. 


My Store screen where a user can see the offers added to its store, number of store views and offers. He can also share its store with his audience. Earnings screen is for earnings breakdown by offers and channels with access to Advanced Analytics where a user gets even more detailed statistics.


Saved offers screen with filters open and empty state


Brands screen


Categories screen

The Process

We started the process by having several meetings with stakeholders to discuss the concepts and ideas they had. After a few more meetings once we gathered enough knowledge about the desired product and stakeholder's needs, researching the market and analyzing possible competitors and exploring possible solutions was the next step.

We wanted to learn as much about the competitive landscape as possible. In addition, we studied various apps across the digital landscape that may spark ideas and UI design solutions. With enough information gathered, I began sketching ideas, defining user flows, and creating some rough wireframes at first and prototypes to test various scenarios, validating them along the way with stakeholders as we continued to build this out.


After exploring potential ideas, defining the user flows, structuring the wireframes, I begin the process of visual UI design of the screens. This includes defining the initial elements that will be used to create the overall design system. During the process of designing each of the essential screens, I also collaborated with the design lead at Kubyo to define the colors, typography, iconography and overall design language in the beginning.

We iterated a lot during the design phase and after a few weeks, we got to a point where we started to put this together. Along the process was constant communication between us and a few rounds of design review we made for bigger milestones.

Decisions were made around best practices, common patterns and our best guess. We will keep the feedback loop open once the app is launched, by giving our users a way to contact us and hopefully we will be able to iterate on the product in future based on user feedback and interviews.

Throughout the entire design process, I collaborated with stakeholders, product owners and engineers showing them wireframes, sketches and rough prototypes for validation having daily check-ins. Once the designs were final and have been approved, I then supported the work of engineers throughout the development process. I made sure the engineers are clear on the designs, interactions and overall flow and providing all assets, details and following the development through completion.

Selected Works

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