Kubyo is a one-of-a-kind app that allows users to share exclusive offers with their followers and friends while generating income on a performance basis.

This solution is the first to simplify peer-to-peer referral capabilities, which connects advertisers with highly engaged, long-term, and hyper-targeted consumers.

Role: UI/UX Designer

Timeline: Nov — Dec 2018

Team: 2 Designer, 2 Project Managers, 10 Developers, 5 QA Engineers


The Problem

The Solution

Coty Professional Beauty (PB) has a high frontline organization of about 3,000 employees or freelancers and there is a clear push from higher management to make managers accountable for the development of their team and have a more streamlined way of doing and tracking it.

Develop an internal website (Progressive Web App) to enable managers to rate the skills and track progress for each of their direct reports and let the region/global report on it too. 


Selected Works

KubyoMobile Design