Hey, I'm Răzvan and this is my application for The School of Design. 🤞🏻

Who I am?

I’m Razvan — a designer experienced in working with multidisciplinary remote teams from early ideas to very polished user interfaces. This is the formal introduction, but let’s get things a bit more personal, right?


I was born (literally) in a very small village in Romania where I grew up until the age of 17 alongside goats, chickens and all the rest.

When I was 15, I had to go to the nearest town to continue my studies. It was a very stressful time and totally new to me.

Being more introverted, I spent most of my time at home. That's how I found out about Photoshop. From there I aroused my curiosity and downloaded the first copy of Photoshop a few weeks later.

My career as a designer would begin, but without me realizing it. I did not follow a higher education after high school, so I had to do my best to succeed.

Because I had an inclination towards the creative area, I was hired at a digital printing house, where I officially started my career.

A few difficult years followed, years in which sometimes I wanted to do something else, because I could no longer find passion in what I was doing. What I didn't know at the time was that all the conditions I had were due to jobs and the people I was surrounded by.

I even worked in a double-glazed window factory at the bidding office where I came in contact with many customers every day. i

After that, I was luckier and I found a job at a suit factory, where I was a graphic designer and where I learned to do product photography and retouching.

Long story short, I ended up working as a designer a few years later, which is what I do now.

school about

Why do I want to join the school?

I am self-taught in everything I have done so far, but more than ever I feel the need for more structured guidance. This is the reason behind my application.

I want to join the school to understand the field of UX and to be able to apply the principles learned in my projects and to better inform my decisions.

... and last but not least, to make friends and new connections. 🤩🤝


What I am bringing the the school? Why should I be here?

I should be here because I have an interesting life story and past through which I can demonstrate my ambition and dedication and I bring with me the experience gained over the years in the visual design, very good knowledge of industry tools like Figma, Miro and others I no longer use (Sketch, InVision App), cheerfulness and camaraderie.

Thank you! 🙌🏻

Get in touch.↴

Phone: +40 757 304 487
Email: iamrazvan@gmail.com
-> razvan@razvantugui.com
-> razvan@razvantugui.com